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On Time, On Demand Services

We offer key core services to make a difference to your business.


From two items to thousands, SeyTec has custom kitting abilities for your specific needs. A wide range of container styles are available. We use our experience in kit design to help you optimize a solution – one that creates a smooth and efficient work flow for your teams.

Consult & Support

For decades, we have used the combined power of our team to benefit our clients with fastener selection, consulting and engineering supports to guide selection. Let us help you choose your best path forward with inventory options based on availability, cost, etc.

consulting and support
vendor managed inventory

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

The primary goal of an outsourced activity like VMI programs is to allow clients to focus on their core competencies. That’s why we handle it all: sourcing, procurement, transportation, bin management and automated invoicing.

We want you to have the parts you need on the floor only when needed, to have the smallest footprint possible and to allow you to count on us because you know you can.


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