Here are a few of the manufacturers SeyTec is authorized to provide:

  • Air Industries
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)
  • Ateliers De La Haute-Garonne (AHG)
  • Avibank Manufacturing, Inc
  • B&B Specialties, Inc
  • 3V Fastener Mfg, Inc
  • CBS Fasteners, Inc
  • Heartland Precision
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)
  • Howmet Aerospace
  • Lisi Aerospace
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)
  • Pilgrim Screw Corporation
  • PB Fasteners
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)
  • Saturn Fasteners
  • SPS Technologies
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)
  • TJ Brooks
  • West Coast Aerospace
    (Boeing D-14426 Authorized Distributor)


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