Quality Comes First

Our team takes ongoing steps to ensure that SeyTec always holds the highest level of certifications and quality measures in the industry.

Our system provides visibility and instant access to all quality requirements. Testing, traceability, shelf-life, root cause and corrective action, certifications and test reports are all accessible from the portal. All documentation is imaged and maintained in Adobe PDF formats for easy access and compatibility.

SeyTec incorporates a FOD detection, containment and prevention program that meets or exceeds industry/customer requirements.

All Quality Assurance Notes and Clauses can be viewed and downloaded below.


You may download proof of our certifications below:


Operations at SeyTec are ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D and AS9120B certified, including customer service, order entry, purchasing, receiving, quality inspection, inventory, picking and shipping. SeyTec always takes a comprehensive start-to-finish approach to make product delivery world class. These certify that SeyTec's systems are accurate, comprehensive and conform to the rigorous requirements of nationally recognized standards.

All QA Notes & Clauses can be downloaded here

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